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Standards & Initiatives

Join us in building and adopting industry wide standards for healthcare supply chain resiliency. Posted standards represent the voices of providers, suppliers, and industry partners. Initiatives are your opportunity to lean in and help shape the future of resiliency.

Established Standards

BCM Assessment

Framework for providers to assess suppliers’ formal preparedness

Available as lightweight self-assessment

Promote awareness of, and investment in resiliency maturity

Mapping & Monitoring

Framework to balance geographic transparency and confidentiality

Secure option for one-to-many event impact communication

Promote proactive awareness and collaborative response

Resiliency Scorecard

Framework for providers to assess the resiliency of suppliers

Populated in advance to promote joint review

Promote and enhance partnership & resiliency in trading relationships.

Resiliency Badge

Evidence-based resiliency badge program for suppliers

Transparency Badge

If you are engaged on all three standards and choose to share with the HIRC community, then you qualify for the HIRC Transparency Badge.

Initiatives In Progress

Shaped by HIRC Members, these initiatives represent our current focus areas. Interesting in participating? Learn about membership »

Standards Adoption

Increase adoption of Transparency Badge and existing standards

Resiliency T&C

Create one common contracting clause for resiliency in healthcare

Coming Soon…

Resiliency Research

Collaborate with Gartner on risk and resiliency research

Coming Soon…

QuickStart for Mapping

Collaborate with SRS to rollout member-only freemium offering

Communications Standard

Collaborate with Notisphere on supply disruption communication standard

Industry Intel

Collaborate with Peer Supply to develop shared risk intel offering

Coming Soon…

Scorecard 2.0

Promote alignment on resiliency standards and commitments

Services Guidepost

Perform reviews of popular resiliency services as a member-only resource

Coming Soon…

Join Our Community

Be a part of the conversation and help set standards. Join our community of providers and suppliers working toward a more resilient supply chain.