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Resiliency T&C

HIRC Board has requested development of one common contracting clause to promote resiliency in healthcare.

Key Objectives:

  • Identify core and preferred trading partner resiliency expectations
  • Develop and pilot the contracting language

HIRC Standards

[Seller] agrees [to make commercially reasonable efforts] to satisfy the following HIRC standards:

  1. Mapping and Monitoring
  2. BCM Assessment
  3. Transparency Badge
  4. Resiliency Badge


1.1 Mapping and Monitoring (Core)

[Supplier] agrees to satisfy level 1 of the HIRC standard, share the geographic information with [Provider], and refresh the information annually.

1.2 Mapping and Monitoring (Partner)

In addition to Section 1.1, [Supplier] agrees to satisfy level 2 of the HIRC standard, maintain the information in the Supply Risk Solutions platform (at no cost to the supplier), and participate in SRS event monitoring by responding to periodic impact notifications.

2.1 BCM Assessment (Core)

[Supplier] agrees to complete the Business Continuity Assessment per HIRC standard, share the results with [Provider], and refresh the information annually.  To satisfy this requirement, [Supplier] will complete the BCM assessment in the SRS platform (at no cost to the supplier) and share with [Provider].

2.2 BCM Assessment (Partner)

In addition to Section 2.1, [Supplier] agrees to achieve a score of at least 2 prior to execution of the Agreement, and progress to a score of 3 or higher within 12 months of execution.

3. Transparency Badge

[Supplier] agrees to achieve the Transparency Badge at no cost to the supplier per the HIRC standard.

4.1 Resiliency Badge (Core)

[Supplier] agrees to pursue the Resiliency Badge per the HIRC standard within [#] months of the execution of this Agreement.

4.2 Resiliency Badge (Partner)

[Supplier] agrees to pursue the Resiliency Badge per the HIRC standard within [#] months of the execution of this Agreement, achieve no less than a Silver rating for the product categories relevant to any contract resulting from this Agreement, and share the Executive Summary with [Provider] via the HIRC Vault on Microsoft Teams (at no cost to the supplier).


What is the intent of the T&C language?

Resiliency T&C is core to HIRC’s standardization priorities.  Following member feedback and pilot, intent is broad adoption within Buyer templates.

Is HIRC seeking to have a role in contracting?

No.  HIRC is a non-profit standards organization for healthcare supply chains.  Development of template language is in response to membership interest.  Adoption is encouraged but discretionary within existing workstreams.