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About Us

Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC) is the pre-eminent non-profit consortium for patient-centric healthcare supply chain resiliency standards and best practices. Our mission is to increase resiliency and transparency in healthcare supply chains through collaboration, standards, and best practices for continuity of patient care.

In 2019, a group of health systems and trading partners came together led by Mayo Clinic and Corewell Health. This group focused on cross-industry collaboration tied to creating a more resilient supply chain centered on partnership and transparency.

Today, HIRC has grown to more than 90 health systems, suppliers and industry partners. HIRC is a non-competitive, non-exclusive and member-driven organization where leaders in this space convene to improve supply chain resiliency for the industry.

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Our Impact

  • Simplify path to resilience.
  • Align operationally to reinforce common industry goals.
  • Deliver programs that support member adoption of resiliency practices.
  • Drive broad industry adoption of standards to accelerate healthcare resiliency.

Our Results

  • Clear measures and incentives for sustainable resilient operations. Less fracturing and duplication.
  • Industry norms to drive proactive risk management.
  • Reduction in supply chain disruption frequency and impact. Increased coordination and efficiency.

A Clinician’s Perspective

As global sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of medical supplies have grown over the last several decades, the vulnerability of these supply chains has concomitantly increased.

Shortages of critical medications and medical supplies have unfortunately become commonplace as limitations in supply chain resiliency have been repeatedly exposed. The issues stemming from medical supply chain vulnerability did not develop overnight. Rather, narrow margins in healthcare have led to price sensitivity and cost reductions. These cost reductions have driven value stream vulnerability. Unfortunately, the supply chains and their vulnerabilities have largely been invisible to purchasers. Healthcare organizations have compensated for medical supply chain vulnerability by stockpiling or risk incurring adverse patient outcomes in the event of a shortage. Both of these are expensive propositions which could have been averted if the products were purchased in a manner that incentivized a resilient supply chain.

In order to reverse these trends, the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC) was founded to champion standards and best practice under a partnership model.

Thank you to our continuing founding members:

Providers: AdventHealth, BJC HealthCare, Corewell Health, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern Medicine, and Stanford HealthCare.

Suppliers: Baxter Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, Medline, Medtronic, and Stryker.

HIRC is uniquely positioned to create a common place for suppliers, providers, GPOs, industry forums, and academics to work in transparent and open dialog. This is how we collectively will change and improve healthcare resiliency.

Tom Harvieux
CSCO BJC HealthCare & Officer