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Standards Adoption

HIRC Board asks for all of healthcare industry to align to the posted HIRC standards.  Please follow the numbered steps below to indicate your organization’s current status.

Key Objectives:

  • Increase Provider adoption including rollout during RFP and annual reviews
  • Increase Supplier adoption including preference of HIRC standards
  • Increase GPO adoption including efficiencies gained by aligning to HIRC standards

Three Simple Steps

2. Choose Your Status

3. Submit Your Response

Contact HIRC to update your adoption status

Who should be part of the Standards Adoption Workgroup?

All member types (providers, suppliers, collaborators, etc.)  In order to achieve broad adoption of the HIRC standards, we need a diversity of voices and change champions.

What targets have been assigned?

Current adoption is tracked and posted to our Who’s Involved page (list view).  Goal is for 100% adoption by members and 80% adoption for non-members.  A formal adoption campaign is targeted for Q3 2023.