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Transparency Badge

Do you consider yourself a transparent supplier?  Do you wish to demonstrate your commitment to your customer and differentiate yourself by achieving a nationally recognized badge?  Join the growing number of suppliers who are stepping up.

HIRC provider members, you have access to the corresponding resiliency data for all Transparency Badge awardees at no additional cost via SRS.


Please join us in congratulating the following awardees:

Six Simple Steps

1. Upload Mapping

Upload L1 and L2 geographic data and emergency contact to SRS. 

The standard defines Level 1 and Level 2 geographic information.  Scope must include all value stream locations for “essential and critical” products and services, as interpreted by the supplier.

  • Minimum: city/state and product family
  • Preferred: address and UNSPSC
  • Scope: US market (including any global locations that feed the US market)

Value | Increase visibility, proactivity, and coordination

How | Contact Supply Risk Solutions (SRS) and load the appropriate scope of information per the standard.  Attribute product categories and indicate an emergency contact.

2. Complete BCM

Follow BCM standard

3. Choose Share

To be eligible for the HIRC Transparency Badge, you need to choose to share the BCM and mapping information with “all HIRC provider members” via SRS.

4. Submit Attestation

Copy/Paste the following attestation and email to HIRC

Please provide the list of product families included in your location sharing.

New Attestation

“I attest that [Company] meets the criteria for the HIRC Transparency Badge as outlined in the process and standard, and that I have the authority to make this attestation on behalf of [Company].

[Company] intends to maintain its eligibility status and will notify HIRC if choosing to withdraw.

If there is a material error in my attestation, [Company] will work to remedy in good faith. If not remedied in a reasonable time frame, I understand that the badge may be revoked.

L1 and L2 information is now available to HIRC providers for the product families specified below.  I (have / have not) provided a quote.”

Renewal Attestation

“I attest that [Company] continues to meet the criteria for the HIRC Transparency Badge as outlined in the process and standard, and that I have the authority to make this attestation on behalf of [Company].

[Company] intends to continue to maintain its eligibility status and will notify HIRC if choosing to withdraw.

If there is a material error in my attestation, [Company] will work to remedy in good faith. If not remedied in a reasonable time frame, I understand that the badge may be revoked.

The following have been reviewed and refreshed for 2024 and are available to HIRC providers via the SRS platform: a) Mapping L1 and L2 information for all critical and essential products and services, and b) BCM Assessment.”

5. Receive Badge

Qualifying suppliers will receive images files to use for any ordinary business purposes to celebrate the achievement.  Examples: Post to your website, social media, promotional materials, customer facing communications, etc.

6. Celebrate

Provide Quote

Send quote / statement to HIRC:

  • Why has your company chosen to meet the HIRC Transparency Badge requirements?
  • What is your posture on resiliency and your go-forward commitments?

Get Recognized

  • HIRC website listing
  • Glass etched plaque
  • HIRC internal communication
  • Digital token for your ordinary business purposes


1. Applied Medical

“Applied Medical is honored to receive the HIRC Transparency Badge, affirming our commitment to resiliency and the continuity of patient care. As a vertically integrated company, we design, develop, manufacture, and sterilize our products in-house at our U.S.-based campus to maintain control over our processes and ensure reliable supply of high-quality products to our healthcare allies around the world. We are proud to partner with HIRC on supply chain transparency, which aligns perfectly with our mission of making a meaningful, positive difference in healthcare.”

– Susan Ahlberg, President, Global Distribution Operations

2. B Braun

“B. Braun has chosen to meet the HIRC Transparency Badge requirements as part of our supply chain transparency journey. HIRC and the SRS tool are an important component of our facility, warehouse and vendor transparency initiative which will allow our company and our customers to quickly assess and understand any potential impacts from disruptions across the globe. At B. Braun, providers are our purpose and a secure supply chain ensures that they have the products they need to focus on what matters most – the patients they serve.”

– Jeremy H How, Corporate Vice President Sales Operations | B. Braun

3. Baxter

“At Baxter, we are committed to bringing additional transparency and resiliency to the healthcare supply chain. We are proud to collaborate with suppliers and providers who share our focus on supply resiliency through the community HIRC has built, and we are honored to receive the HIRC Transparency Badge.”

— Dennis Vaughn, Vice President of Commercial Operations

4. BD

“At BD, we share HIRC’s commitment to creating a more transparent, resilient healthcare supply chain. Aligning to HIRC standards is an important component of our responsibility to foster a culture of collaboration, communication and transparency and enhance end to end supply chain resiliency which is essential to our ability to fulfill our mission of Advancing the world of healthTM.”

– Tanvi Narang, Director, Global Procurement; and Adam Dalum, Group VP Strategic Customer Group, BD

5. Cardinal Health

“Transparency is core to our manufacturer and customer engagement models. Cardinal Health chooses to meet the HIRC Transparency Badge requirements because it aligns to the collaborative relationships we have with providers in order to anticipate supply chain challenges and proactively provide solutions before there is an issue.”

– Robert Rajalingam, President, U.S. Medical Products and Distribution | Cardinal Health


“Cardinal Health has a core team that focuses on resiliency and transparency within our operating model and is committed to maturing based on customer and industry needs. We leverage data, collaborative discussions, and industry position to enhance our capabilities and exceed expectations.”

– Pete Bennett, SVP, Global Logistics | Cardinal Health

6. Cook Medical

“The Transparency Badge is a great way to show our commitment to being a strong business partner. I’m pleased to say that Cook is recognized as a leader in this space, and this badge is another way to reinforce our obligation to the customers and patients we serve.

One thing we lack in our industry are standards. Health systems, suppliers, and distributors often follow their own rules with little consistency. HIRC has a real opportunity to create some of these standards with their growing membership. We need someone to take ownership and bring all stakeholders to the table to shape the future, and I believe that HIRC can do this and do it well.”

– Ross Harvey, Vice President, Global Supply Chain | Cook Medical

7. FedEx

“FedEx is excited to be awarded the HIRC Transparency Partner Badge. This recognition further strengthens our goal of making a difference in the healthcare industry through preparedness, transparency, and resilience. Furthermore, it reinforces our commitment to our healthcare customers to move these sensitive shipments through our network with the utmost care.”

-Brent Mohair, Vice President – Critical Inventory Logistics

8. Innovative Health

“At Innovative Health, we believe it is our obligation to give providers as much transparency into our supply capabilities as possible, in order to ensure that they never run out of supplies to treat their patients. We believe that supplier transparency and resilience will become absolutely critical in providers’ vendor selection in the coming months, and as a technology leader, we need to promote and support this.”

 – Rick Ferreira, CEO | Innovative Health

9. J&J MedTech

“Our position as supplier Leadership Members in the HIRC reflects our commitment to advancing healthcare and ensuring continuity of supply across our products and services,” said Kristyn Harkins, Vice President MedTech Deliver, Americas. “Achieving the Transparency Badge is an important step in creating visibility to the priority we place on reliable supply, business continuity, and collaboration with our customers.”

– Kristyn Harkins, Vice President MedTech Deliver, Americas

10. Medtronic

“We are honored to be an inaugural recipient of the HIRC Transparency Partner Badge. This recognition is a direct reflection of the Medtronic Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.  Congratulations to all suppliers that have stepped forward to meet the HIRC challenge. We are creating a more resilient healthcare supply chain, together.”

– Joe Robinson, Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Continuity | Medtronic

11. Resilient Medical Solutions

“Resilient Medical was founded on the core values of radical transparency and continuous improvement to provide our customers and partners with a resilient supply chain for their critical products. While our engagement with HIRC and earning the transparency badge are important steps in our journey, we will continue to collaborate with customers and industry partners within the HIRC framework to enhance our capabilities to continue to deliver on our resiliency promise.”

– Mike Moloney, Co-Founder & CEO | Resilient Medical Solutions

12. Sandoz

“Sandoz is proud to endorse and comply with HIRC’s Transparency Badging program as we believe providing transparency and visibility into our supply chain is a core fundamental to establishing trust with our patients and providers. By complying with HIRC’s transparency program we believe the strength of our supply chain will be measured against a strong baseline, that is understood by our customers, and aligns with our mission to provide access to patients and be the most trusted supply chain in the industry.”

– Kevin Cook, VP Supply Chain North America | Sandoz

13. Stryker

“Stryker has made significant investments and improvements to our supply chain planning and resiliency initiatives. We are passionate about being a constant for our customers and their patients. The HIRC Transparency Badge allows us to highlight the work we have done and the investments we have made while also improving communication and trust with our hospitals. I believe the spirit of transparency will open the dialogue between Stryker and our customers to better understand their needs and how we can best show up beside them.”

– Kevin Steed, Vice-President/General Manager, Enterprise Account Management | Stryker


“Stryker continues to make investments and shift our approach with the goal of being an industry leader for product quality and availability. Our commitment is to focus on continued improvement while always keeping the patient in mind.”

– Dale C. Pease, Vice-President, Division Operations, Medical, Global Quality and Operations | Stryker

Who is eligible for the transparency badge?

Any healthcare supplier or service provider (manufacturer, distributor, technology vendor, etc.)

How do I get the badge?

Follow the Get Started steps

Why should I get the badge?

Transparency matters to providers.  The badge differentiates you in the marketplace and demonstrates your commitment to your customer.

Is the badge one time or recurring?

The Transparency Badge is notated for the calendar year achieved.  Each year, suppliers must requalify.  Requalification typically involves refresh of supporting data and current attestation.

Can I create a press release?

Yes!  We encourage you to be proud of achieving the Transparency Badge.  You’ll receive a digital token to celebrate your achievement.