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Provider Standards Adoption

HIRC members are asked to adopt all HIRC standards.  Adoption is tracked on Who’s Involved page.  See tabs below for guidance on how to deploy.

Key Objectives

  • Advance HIRC’s mission of greater transparency and resiliency in healthcare
  • Elevate resiliency in sourcing discussions
  • Create efficiencies by alignment to a standard
  • Increase mutual understanding of risk, mitigation, and growth strategies
  • Leverage results to inform sourcing decisions and manage key relationships

Four Simple Steps

1. Adopt the HIRC Standards

  1. Establish resiliency as a strategic priority for your supply chain.
  2. Commit to adopting and deploying the HIRC standards.


  • Standardize approach for industry
  • Gain process efficiencies and risk insights
  • Promote continuity of patient care

Transparency Badge: celebrate transparency in healthcare supply chain
Resiliency Scorecard: standard for assessing supplier transparency and resiliency
BCM Assessment: standard for measuring supplier preparedness
Mapping & Monitoring: standard for upstream supply chain visibility

2. Set sponsorship and scope

  1. Identify committed executive sponsor.
  2. Set initial scope.

Tip: recommend starting with top 25-50 strategic suppliers for RFP and annual review.

3. Assign a resource

Assign and empower a dedicated resource to carry out the Responsible workflow (See tab 2).

Tip: delegate should attend monthly HIRC Best Practice Group for support.

4. Reinforce expectations

  1. Celebrate suppliers who meet expectations (comply with HIRC standards and/or achieve Transparency Badge).
  2. Support escalation process for suppliers who have not engaged.

Four Simple Steps

1. Announce resiliency scorecard program

  1. Notify your strategic suppliers that the resiliency scorecard is required for RFP and annual review.
  2. Invite supplier to self-assess in preparation for a formal review.


  • Make a formal communication to suppliers with template
  • Utilize SRS for supplier outreach
  • Add a slide to your annual supplier summit


  • Inform suppliers you have adopted HIRC standards
  • Set clear expectation for their involvement

Tip: HIRC staff are glad to meet with suppliers to educate them on the standards.  Please direct suppliers to reach out to HIRC for support.

2. Prepare the initial scorecard result

Assess the supplier using the scorecard.

3. Share the initial scorecard result

  1. Share your assessment with the supplier.
  2. Give the supplier time to prepare prior to a formal meeting.

4. Conduct the formal scorecard review

  1. Meet with supplier per RFP or annual review.
  2. Share your assessment and invite dialogue.
  3. Revise your assessment as needed.
  4. Identify strengths, opportunities, and growth plan as needed.

Tip: HIRC culture is about partnership.  Use the resiliency scorecard as an opportunity to affirm strengths and collaborate on growth strategies.