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Improving Healthcare Resiliency through Collaboration

Position Statement

HIRC is committed to improving the resiliency of the healthcare supply chain. This includes recognizing that we, both suppliers and providers, have the responsibility to our patients and healthcare staff, to ensuring we improve the strength of the supply chain. We know that this takes genuine Partnership, Collaboration and Transparency.
Supply chain functions have, for too long, been passive in their approach to addressing these challenges, and now is the time for leading organizations to reshape the paradigm and create a more reliable supply chain for our patients. We believe that a fragmented industry approach will not reach the necessary goal of supply resiliency, but rather exacerbate existing challenges.

Together as Providers and Suppliers We Must

  • Tackle the resiliency issue collaboratively between aligned providers and suppliers
  • Develop predictive and preventative strategies enabled by increased transparency and communication
  • Engage in best practice sharing designed to solve for supply chain reliability and optimization
  • Align to sensible and scalable standards suitable to a one-to- many approach
  • Leverage technology to increase value and reduce noise for proactive monitoring and response
  • Reshape value proposition, commitment, and accountability to incentivize resilient practices
  • Establish industry standards for resiliency to enable consistency and scale
  • Execute upon balanced mitigation strategies inclusive of intelligent analytics and data sharing

Together as Providers and Suppliers We Expect

  • The needs of the patient to come first, period.
  • Providers and suppliers to partner in respectful collaboration, mutually working toward supply resiliency with positive intentions
  • Suppliers to equip providers with meaningful data allowing for transparency into the end-to-end supply Chain and enable shared visibility of critical locations
  • Suppliers to provide accurate resiliency information and show effort toward improvement, demonstrate reliable performance and outcomes, and share continuity strategy with customers
  • Providers to support collaborative suppliers on the journey to- ward an improved resiliency state and increased business continuity program maturity
  • Providers to reward suppliers that are transparent, resilient and who demonstrate consistent improvement through sourcing decisions

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