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Communications Standard

As part of our communication standards work, HIRC is pleased to offer additional value to our members via partnership with Notisphere.  Members gain complementary access to centralized communication for shortages, market events, and shipping delays.

Three Simple Steps

1. Gain Complementary Access

  • Receive email link from notispherealerts.com
  • Create profile
  • Ready to go!

2. Share Event Notifications

Create / Receive / Reply / Update

Watch brief how-to video

For Suppliers

For Providers

3. Benefits

  • Simple and proactive
  • Reduces duplicate inquiries
  • One-to-many efficiency
  • Centralized source of communications


Four Key Outcomes

1. What

What should be Communicated?

  • Determine types of disruption events that should be included
  • Definition of type of information required for each disruption type

2. When

When should information be communicated

  • Determine ideal communication timing
  • Establish cadence for ongoing updates and subsequent communications

3. Who

Who needs to be involved and aware?

  • Industry Stakeholder involvement
  • Internal stakeholder involvement

4. How

How is information communicated?

  • Communication channels
Why do we need communications standards?

Without communication standards, inefficiencies in supplier and provider processes to communicate, manage and resolve supply disruption events will continue.

What is the expectation of the communication standards?

Clear agreement about what and when to communicate, ensuring quick action and proper management of patient care during a supply disruption event.

What will be included in the standards?

The standards will address what information and details should be included in a communication and when information should be communicated and updated. Also included will be guidance related to who needs to be involved and how information should be communicated.

Who will define the standards?

HIRC supplier and provider members will define the standards with the process facilitated by NotiSphere and published by HIRC.

What will the requirements be for suppliers?

The ask of suppliers is that they adopt the use of these standards in their communication processes for supply disruption events.

What will the requirements be for providers?

The ask of providers is that they recognize the use of the communication standards within their contracting and sourcing activities as part of the resiliency scorecard.