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Transparency Badge

Do you consider yourself a transparent supplier?  Do you wish to demonstrate your commitment to your customer and differentiate yourself by achieving a nationally recognized badge?

A customer-facing badge earned following completion of member-defined transparency activities.

  • Goal | Monitor for external disruptions, accelerate collaborative response.
  • Value | Increase visibility, proactivity, and coordination.
  • Use Case | I want to know which suppliers are transparent
    • Is my supplier engaged in resiliency standards?
    • Does my supplier provide risk information?
    • Has my supplier demonstrated preparedness?

Six Simple Steps

1. Upload Mapping

Upload L1 and L2 geographic data and emergency contact to SRS. 

The standard defines Level 1 and Level 2 geographic information.  Scope must include all value stream locations for “essential and critical” products and services, as interpreted by the supplier.

  • Minimum: city/state and product family
  • Preferred: address and UNSPSC
  • Scope: US market (including any global locations that feed the US market)

Value | Increase visibility, proactivity, and coordination

How | Contact Supply Risk Solutions (SRS) and load the appropriate scope of information per the standard.  Attribute product categories and indicate an emergency contact.

2. Complete BCM

Follow BCM standard

3. Choose Share

To be eligible for the HIRC Transparency Badge, you need to choose to share the BCM and mapping information with “all HIRC provider members” via SRS.

4. Submit Attestation

Copy/Paste the following attestation and email to HIRC

Please provide the list of product families included in your location sharing.


“I attest that [Company] meets the criteria for the HIRC Transparency Badge as outlined in the process and standard, and that I have the authority to make this attestation on behalf of [Company].

[Company] intends to maintain its eligibility status and will notify HIRC if choosing to withdraw.

If there is a material error in my attestation, [Company] will work to remedy in good faith. If not remedied in a reasonable time frame, I understand that the badge may be revoked.

L1 and L2 information is now available to HIRC providers for the product families specified below.  I (have / have not) provided a quote.”

5. Receive Badge

Qualifying suppliers will receive images files to use for any ordinary business purposes to celebrate the achievement.  Examples: Post to your website, social media, promotional materials, customer facing communications, etc.

6. Celebrate

Provide Quote

Send quote / statement to HIRC:

  • Why has your company chosen to meet the HIRC Transparency Badge requirements?
  • What is your posture on resiliency and your go-forward commitments?

Get Recognized

  • HIRC website listing
  • Glass etched plaque
  • HIRC internal communication
  • Journal of Healthcare Contracting (for April 2023 awardees)
Who is eligible for the transparency badge?

Any healthcare supplier or service provider (manufacturer, distributor, technology vendor, etc.)

How do I get the badge?

Follow the Get Started steps

Why should I get the badge?

Transparency matters to providers.  The badge differentiates you in the marketplace and demonstrates your commitment to your customer.

Is the badge one time or recurring?

The Transparency Badge is notated for the calendar year achieved.  In future years, if the underlying standards change, then the badge will need to be resubmitted to achieve the latest version.

Can I create a press release?

Yes!  We encourage you to be proud of achieving the Transparency Badge.  You’ll receive a digital token of the badge and are welcome to display it freely.